News 9-5-2006

 Tommy Lee “Rock Star Supernova” chooses RCI Red Starlite Kit.

Rock Star Supernova drummer “Tommy Lee” and famous drummer for Motley Crue chooses RCI Super Duty Red Starlite shells fitted with DW hardware. The call came in Mid July to the RCI offices in Bridgeport, CT. from Tommy’s drum tech Stevo. He explained to us that he needed a special large kit for Tommy for the Rock Star Supernova show on CBS.  Acrylic Artist Romano Cotone returned the call to find out that the kit has some serious deadlines and some fabrication issues. Originally they spoke about the kit having the 40” RCI Red Starlite Bass drum but due to the lack of stock on the 40” wood hoops and heads they were on back order for 6 weeks. Tommy opted for the next choice a 32” Red Starlite Bass drum. The kit sizes for Tommy’s Supernova kit are as follows:



RCI Red Starlite Super Duty Shells Fitted with DW hardware:


16x26 Bass Drum

16x32 Bass Drum

6x14 Snare drum (Yes a Red Starlite)

10x14 Rack Tom

16x16 Floor Tom

16x18 Floor Tom


In addition Tommy order an extra 16x18 Super Duty II Floor Tom


To see the show video with the Red Starlite set with DW hardware Click on the links below.

The set has aired on “Rock Star Supernova on wed. 8-30-2006 and wed 9-6-2006






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