RCI Starlite International Ordering and Policy Information



Policy & Ordering Information


When placing an order either by phone or by email please have the following information ready:


Size of shells



Hardware choice


99% of all RCI Drum and shell products are custom made to order and are tailored to the customers order. All custom orders are non refundable and non returnable. All shells are guaranteed against split seams (directly not veered off the seam) for 1 year upon inspection. Shells are not guaranteed against drops, cracks, and careless handling which can cause damage.


OEM Customers

RCI shells can be sold to custom drum companies that would like to use our shell component. Our shells are sold undrilled and without bearing edges for your custom project. Our shells have a limited seam warrantee for OEM customers. Shells modifield from its original state (drilled edges etc) do not hold any other warrantee and are held harmless


 Stock Items RCI Starlite Branded drums

Any item that we have in stock other than custom made items can be returned within 15 days of purchase with a 20% restocking fee. If the drum/hardware has an issue the drum must come back to RCI to be examined. Heads sticks are not covered.  Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs incurred. 


Damage during shipping


RCI goes to great lengths to make sure your drums arrive safely with white glove treatment. RCI invests in heavy duty double wall boxes, quality bubble wrap and packing materials. All RCI items are inspected before leaving the factory. From time to time everyone knows how shipping companies can be with your packages. When they see a big box like a bass drum…..they see a big ,bulky and heavy box that makes them personally annoyed especially if the driver has to climb all over it standing on it , kicking it  dropping it etc. moving it delivering other packages until your stop is the last stop of the day. In the event of damage call your UPS or Fedex carrier to file a claim. Since items are custom, RCI will work its best to get the problem resolved to expedite and replace broken parts damaged by the carrier so you won’t have to wait.



Policy & Ordering Information for Exclusive Customer Design


Ideas and Prototype designs presented to RCI for duplication for small and large production runs from the customer do not carry a guarantee or warranty on new unproven designs and products presented to RCI. RCI will make proto types from the customers sent in design or emailed design. A $500.00 deposit will be charged for the custom project to begin and prototypes will be made. These do not carry any warranty against breakage etc. In the event that the customer wants his products to carry a warrantee and have RCI produce theses items. It must go through RCIs research and development .RCI will charge by the hour for the necessary research and development to make your product warranted by RCI Starlite International. Depending on the product research and development time may vary.

Special Orders that are left at RCI Starlite for over 60 days will incur a 50.00 per month storage charge left at customers risk.