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RCI Starlite™ New Wave Retro "Coffee House Kit"

                                                          "The Choice is Clear"


Shown above is the "New Wave Retro Coffee House Kit" in Red & White Spiral Pattern  

With today's Retro drummer in mind we have developed the "New Wave Retro Coffee House Kit" Styled from the classic drums of yesteryear and combined with the modern attributes of today. This set up makes it the most practical set up for the Drummer on the go.......1,2,3 gigs in one night ......no problem. Set up and tear down time is cut over 1/2 the amount of time compared to regular conventional sets. The New Wave Retro Coffee House kit Stands alone and takes Drummers to a new practical advantage.

The RCI Starlite™ "New Wave Retro Coffee House Kit" may be small but can just as powerful as any full set on the market with less than half the set up and tear down time. Kit consists of 16x24 Main Tom, 6.5x10 Super Duty Snare drum, 6.5x10 Tom-Tom, Cymbal Arm, Closed Hi-Hat Arm, Special Reverse Bass Drum Pedal, and all necessary mounting hardware. (Cymbals not included)

Choose from a huge variety of Solid & Transparent colors, and over 6 Starlite™ Pattern combinations. The RCI Starlite™ Super Duty II Series Drums are proudly Handcrafted in the USA by old school and new school technology. Coined as being the "Most Beautiful Drums on Earth" The RCI Starlite™ drums are equipped with a Super Duty Shell,  Super Duty hoops, RCI Specialty heads, heavy duty tension rods casings, custom molded Starlite™ gaskets  and Super Duty Snares.  


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New Wave Retro Coffee House Kit

16x24 Main Tom   Transparent Color Red & White Spiral Shown Above      
6.5x10 Super Duty Snare            
6.5x10 Tom-Tom            
With Hardware            
Cymbals not included            




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